Video: WizKid – Daddy Yo

Wiz has kind of been a little ghost from the scene as he cooking up new music for us however late last year he released the video for his single Daddy Yo ft Efya on the vocals… I’m not quite sure who directed the video or who actually produced the track this time unfortunately but check out the video below!

I’m going to be honest with you guys when I say I am not a fan of this song. This is WizKid for goodness sakes! We know what he is about and we know he knows how to make a hit song but this simple track over a generic reggaetone beat has really upset me. I don’t know if it was Sony that pushed for this to be released or if Wiz wanted to just get some music out to his fans, either way I am not here for it. I know my opinion doesn’t matter much but I know Wiz is better than this. This is my fear with major labels getting their hands on Afrobeats acts (Has D’Banj flash backs) and not understanding the sound. I will admit the song is a grower because I don’t hate it as much as I did the first time I heard it however it’s still one of Wiz’s worst singles. Blah!!
I mean WHY is he doing a reggaetone track? Who thought this was a good idea!? Is he trying to reach the South American demographic now? So man questions.. Zero answers *Sigh*
P.s I know about his new single with Drake.. I’ll get to that in a second.. Just have a backlog of videos to post as I was away from some time 🙂
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