New Video: M.anifest Featuring Nomisupasta – Cupid’s Crooked Bow


In love with my Acid Rap but leaves nothing to Chance..

Award winning Ghanaian Hip-Hop artist M.anifest is back this time with the visual to his second single Cupid’s Crooked Arrow off his highly anticipated new album Nowhere Cool  OUT NOW, the single features seductive vocals from South African vocalist Nomisupasta. The video was shot on location in Accra Ghana and was directed by Guto Bussab & Alfonzo Franke of Muti Films.

“Cupid’s bow was crooked and found the wrong lover. That’s how it’s felt in some of my prior relationships. The song was inspired by having been loved by a woman or two who always knew the difficulties of dating an artist, never wanted to make that choice, yet we found ourselves in a spin of intoxicating love that always threatened to end. Nomisupasta is easily one of my favourite contemporary voices in Africa, and she smashed it on this one.” M.anifest

Like I say every single time I post a M.anifest video.. He is criminally underrated in the African music scene!! He has been consistent with his quality lyricism, great visuals and all round great music for some time yet for some reason he does not seem to cut through to the masses. Either way this is yet another quality single from the well respected Ghanaian Hip-Hop artist who has worked with the likes of Damon Albarn and Erykah Badu to name a few and continues to shine in a lane that many artists refuse to cross.

If you have Apple Music the album is out on there! Guess what I’m listening to this week!? 

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