Throwback: Kelly Hansome – Maga Don Pay

kelly hansom


As the summer draws to a close my mind begins to shift to the next big season on the calendar.. Christmas and the New Year!! And with that being said.. All the ideas of travelling back home to Ghana to party and enjoy scorching temperatures and beach trips come to mind. As I sat here and pondered I was taken back to all the other times I went back home and what the big tracks of that year were.. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to bring to you some of my favourite throwback singles, over the years that I have been back to Ghana..

So we are starting with Summer 2009! My first time going back to Ghana in over 13 years! I remember my cousin picking me and my sister up and taking us out. The first spot we entered was Rhapsody’s Accra Mall (Unfortunately now closed down I’ve heard:( ) and the song that ended up becoming the sound track to my five weeks in Ghana Kelly Hansom – Maga Don Pay (along side D’banj –   Suddenly, Wande Coal Bumpa to Bumpa and MNC – Igwe) was introduced to me. This song was killing the clubs! This was at a time when Nigerian Afrobeats was HOT, the Mo Hits dynasty were killing it pre Wizkid and Davido, D’Banj ran all of west Africa, Castro had gone on a little hiatus and Ghanaian music was beginning to shift from Hi-Life to more of the Afrobeats party sound. Every club, chop bar, drink spot, restaurant even market had this track bumping, you could not escape it. Now that I listen back to it I really clock on to the lyrics and what the track is talking about, similar to Olu Maintain’s Yahoozee but man the song went OFF in the GH clubs, everyone would throw their hands in the air, wave side to side and point fingers, I remember it crystal clear, as soon as you heard that “Ugly beats” intro it was bloody good times!

Anyway.. Enough of me reminiscing! This weeks throwback track is Kelly Hansome – Maga Don Pay.. Enjoy!

After this track I never heard from Kelly Hansome again.. What happened to him?
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