New Video: MHD – A Kele Nta


Now before I type about this I’m not sure if I can bracket MHD as an Afrobeats artist.. (It may seem like I am reaching) he is a French rapper however.. I am posting this because this single and video in particular has an Afrobeats/African feel to it so it is only right that I post it up on here.

Some of you may have heard of MHD or seen the video to his popular track Ngatie Abedi (the 5th installment of his Afro Trap release.. Hmm now saying that, maybe I can bracket him as an Afrobeats artist if he classifies his music as Afro Trap?) and Champions League.  His music and his massive following is what led to him being nominated for the International Viewers choice award at this years BET Awards among other accolades. The French national originally from Guinea and Senegal has been killing the festival scene with his raps and super smooth dance moves all summer from Canada to Belgium (check his insta page) and is currently half way through his tour of Africa. Honestly this guy is a Problem! I don’t understand French or half the things he says (I can only pick out the basic French words I learnt in school) however good music is good music and this young man makes good music!

Check out the video for his latest single A Kela Nta (My friend Kela Nta.. Basic French helped me there) which was produced by Dany Synthé & Dsk On The Beat, shot on location in Dakar, Senegal and directed by Matthias Castegnaro.

I thoroughly enjoy this young man’s music. If you haven’t already check out his new album MHD on iTunes or where you listen to your music. I also rememeber seeing Eugy tweet that he has a track that he wants to get MHD on.. Eugy and MHD!? YEP I am here for it.
On second thought I think I am going to bracket him as an Afrobeats artist, I know it’s reaching and it is not exactly Afrobeats but he is of the diaspora and his music has an African beat and vibe to it and is of West African descent. You guys know that not all music coming out of Africa is Afrobeats however I am using the term lightly in context to represent music coming out or originating from the continent of Africa like I said in my Introduction post over three years ago (Damn time flies)!
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