Music: Dj Juls Featuring Eugy, Mr Eazi & Sarkodie – Teef Teef

Teef TeefI. Can’t. Get. Enough! I’ve had this on repeat for God knows how long.

Oya shout out to my girl.. Tell am sat walahi she be the best!!

I already told you guys earlier about the new dangerous trio that is Dj Juls, Mr Eazi and Eugy. The three of them have managed to drum up plenty of excitement in Afrobeats again and I for one am here for it. Thanks to Apple Music I have had this track on repeat and now that it is up on Soundcloud I can share it with you all. BBnZ Dj/Producer Juls hits up Mr Eazi and Eugy as well as Ghana’s finest MC Sarkodie for single Teef Teef. Juls manages to fuse old school sounds with the drum kits of modern music and make a track that balances the nostalgic feel good factor of old school Hi-life and modern day Afrobeats (Has more of a hip hop sound than an Afrobeats sound but for the sake of the genre we will call it Afrobeats.. or should we call it Hip-Life? or maybe Afro-Hip-Life, Afrobeats-HipHop? What genre would this fall under lol). 

Take a listen and let me know what you think..

If you follow me on my personal Twitter (@ItsNanz) you will know I have been singing this for a while! I honestly can’t get enough.
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