Hey Guys,

So I know I have not posted in about a month and I am really sorry about that but I think it’s only right that I am honest with your guys about my disappearing act. The truth is… I have fallen out of love with Afrobeats and that’s me being 100% honest with you all. I still have my ear to the scene and I am aware of all the new music that’s out and to be honest I am just not a fan of 90% of the new material that’s coming out right now. It hurts my heart to say that as I love Afrobeats so much but I just feel like maybe the golden era of the scene has passed. A lot of the artists are just rushing and pushing out mediocre tracks that have no oomf to it. I mean Afrobeats tracks have never really been known to posses quality lyrical content but now even the productions of tracks are getting rather sloppy and repetitive, plus there’s not a lot of individuality going on. There’s a lot of band wagoning and a lot of hopping onto what’s hot right now instead of creating your own lane.. Due to that I have just been put off posting in all honesty. The whole point of this blog was exactly what the title says “For the LOVE of Afrobeats” and right now I’m just not in love anymore. Saying all that.. Posting will still continue but I guess it won’t be as much as before as I’ll just be posting what I am interested in at the moment or significant moves within the scene (Yes I know about the Davido & Meek collabo and the Sarkodie & Ace Hood collabo). Sorry if I disappointed anyone but hopefully the scene will return back to its glory days and I’ll get back to posting daily.

Thanks for those who still check out the blog regularly, I thought I owed you this much!

Nanz x  

#WhereIsCastro #DisappearedAndTookHalfTheMusicWithHim 

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