Reviews: Legends Night @ The Dominion Centre



Saturday 7th June saw the Ghanaian Legends night take place at The Dominion Centre in Wood Green, London. Performing in London for the first time in ten years the show was headlined by Hi-Life legend Daddy Lumba with supporting acts Kofi Nti and Castro to name a few.

 Originally scheduled to take place at the Enabling Centre Barking the event was moved last minute. At first thought, the Dominion Centre was a good choice of venue due to the size and space which could accommodate the amount of people expected however in the end there were still not enough seats for the amount that turned up which caused minor seating problems leading to several guests having to stand.

 The show kicked off with UK Afrobeat acts Flavour and Kwamz, LDNC and The Classic Dancers who all done a great job getting the younger crowd on their feet. As the concert had a very big Ghanaian age demographic ranging between 18-60 it was great to see the diversity with the opening acts. Kofi Nti gave the crowd exactly what they came for when he went in to tracks like “Odo Nwom” and “Odo Lastic” as a giant hall party feel began to engulf the venue. As Castro hit the stage the show was in high gear as he stormed through many of his hits including “Boneshaker”, “Odo Pa” and current hit “Adonai”. What really flipped the show over was Castro, his dancers and the live band breaking into a moment of live Praise pulling out Ghanaian classics and causing all seating issues to fly out the window as guests remained up on their feet.

 Running surprisingly on time Daddy Lumba graced the stage with his presence right after Castro which worker perfectly as the crowd were already up and filled with energy which was surprising considering the running length of the event. Kicking into gear Daddy Lumba went into his Hi-Life classics including “111666”, “Theresa”, “Aben Wo Ha”, “Anti Atta”“Bribri Gyegye Wu” and the list goes on. As the show continued the audience became a bit too involved and began to wonder on stage leading to the concert becoming some sort of onstage meet and greet session with fans hugging Daddy Lumba and taking pictures mid-performance. This came as a surprise as it should not be happening at a concert and it bought down the quality of Daddy Lumba’s performance as there were always distractions on stage and it looked very messy, on a more positive note the energy and enthusiasm from all the guests in attendance is what kept the night alive.

 In general the necessary fine tuning organisation of the event was not the best, not everyone received an email about the change of venue and if you were not active on social media the move would have certainly flown over your head. Entry into the Dominion Centre was not organised either, there was no particular order or line just a large crowd trying to get into one door which could have led to major safety issues if things did not go according to plan. Also implementing seating arrangements or at least having ushers to locate seats on a first come first seat basis would have led to fewer arguments between guests on the night. The event day organisation should have been much better with tighter onstage security stopping the show from turning into a social gathering

 Overall the Legends Night was a good event. UK based Ghanaian fans got to experience a rare show with a Ghanaian music legend Daddy Lumba and it was also a great platform for upcoming artists to be exposed as there were plenty of people in attendance.

By: Whitney Q

Edited By: Nanz

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