Welcome !

Hello Kings and Queens,

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you’ll know that 75% of my tweets are about music and 60% of those tweets (Figures are not accurate but a mere guestimate) are about something I’m very passionate about – Afrobeats!

I decided to channel my tweets into blogging and share all the Latest & (+Classic) Videos, Tracks, Artists & Album Reviews, Mix Cds, Events and so on all For the Lovers of Afrobeats.

Now bare in mind I use the term Afrobeats very loosely…. Some of the things I post may not be Afrobeats “Politically speaking” (Whatever that is) But I couldn’t name the blog For the Love of Afrobeats/Hi-Life/Hip-Life/NajiaPop/Azonto/South African House/ Soukous etc now could I?

As for my name.. Call me Nanz.

If your interested in contacting me about anything please feel free to do so on: loveofafrobeats@Gmail.com

Introductions complete – Now to post! (Back log of videos coming right up)



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One thought on “Welcome !

  1. […] context to represent music coming out or originating from the continent of Africa like I said in my Introduction post over three years ago (Damn time […]

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